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THE SQUEEGEE PRO  professional window cleaning and pressure cleaning is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
So weather you are spring cleaning, or just like to maintain a clean home we are excited to work for you. We hope you will find everything you need here on our website.
*Professional Window Cleaning is a necessity that can help keep the value of your home or business and also enhances incoming light as well as clarity (save on energy). Also it is a representation of your image to others such as guests, family, friends, neighbors, customers and clients. What an Amazing Difference!

*Window cleaning - consists of screen removal, screen cleaning (soap & water gentle scrub & rinse), cleaning of both the outside and inside of window frames and glass (Unger professional window cleaning solution) followed with opening window and vacuuming out tracks as well as wiping down sills followed up with screen installation after drying. 
*Professional Pressure Cleaning is also a necessity to keeping your home's value. Removing debris build up from lawn care and mother nature as well as grime and mold left behind from running and standing water over a period of time should be done as soon as possible to help prevent from discoloration and permanent stains to your property. Present your image with clean driveways, patios, decks, walkways, pool enclosures, roofs and more.
*Pressure cleaning -  consists of commercial grade deep cleanse (for concrete) or to prep for paint (paint removal). Also we do tile roof cleaning and NO PRESSURE shingle roof cleaning. All other cleanings are done with (property safe pressure). All cleaning products are used properly and are environmentally safe. Licensed & Insured 
*Gutter Cleaning is necessary and should be done consistently to prevent from soggy build-up that will create moisture that can lead to structural damage and roof leaks that can be very expensive needing immediate repair.
*Gutter cleaning -  consists of leaf and debris hand scooped into bucket's then bagged following with a complete flush to unclog downspouts then finished with the installation of drain caps and Flex seal rubber sealant upon request.

*Dryer vent cleaning is needed at least once a year to prevent from fire. Also it can be done to cut done on your drying time/efficiency so if your dryer is taking extra long to dry your clothes chances are the vents needs cleaned properly.


*Dryer vent cleaning - consists of dryer vent hose disconnected and properly cleaned out both behind dryer and outside vent followed with a lint flush then reconnecting vent house and replacing outside vent cap if needed or requested.

Service Recommendations:
Window cleaning - outside every 3 months - inside every 6 months
Gutter cleaning - every 6 months
Dryer vent cleaning - every 12 months
Pressure cleaning - yearly or as needed
Roof cleaning - every 2-3 years

 Areas serviced:
Port Richey, Fl
New Port Richey, Fl
Hudson, Fl
Holiday, Fl
Tarpon Springs, Fl
Spring Hill, Fl
Palm Harbor, Fl

Blue Pools  727-267-2009 (pool service)
Superior Images  727-237-3663 (lawn care)
Barrows  727-844-3480 (carpet & upholstery cleaning)

 So callTHE SQUEEGEE PRONew Port Richey Fl and we will do your dirty work; with a variety of offerings to choose from we're sure you'll be happy working with us. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The Squeegee Pro is the one to know.

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